Career Opportunity: Technical Specialist


Prime Focus of Position


The Technical Specialist will participate in, and contribute to, the implementation of various projects and on-going activities related to electronic communications services provided over fixed and wireless networks.  Such activities include ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations as well as the development of policy / strategy documents in areas such as spectrum management, quality of service, security and integrity of networks and infrastructure whilst keeping abreast with innovations in the electronic communications industry.


The position will report to the Chief of Spectrum Management and Technology or a designated manager within the Unit.


Main Responsibilities:


  • Manage and/or contribute to various projects relating to the provision of fixed and wireless electronic communications;
  • Contribute to the development of technical documentation such as consultation documents, reports and policy / strategy documents;
  • Monitor operator/service provider compliance to technical obligations such as quality of service and security, including adherence to technical standards;
  • Conduct research on innovative technological developments in the electronic communications domain and in this regard report on any emerging opportunities for Malta;
  • Participate in various fora, including international fora, as may be required;
  • Advise MCA’s executives on technical matters;
  • Technical liaison with various stakeholders; and
  • Conduct other duties related to the post as assigned by the Chief of Spectrum Management and Technology.




  • Implement the project activities in accordance with agreed plans;
  • Contribute to the business planning process and its implementation;
  • Recommend new initiatives and work plans leading to the achievement of objectives relating to the Group’s processes/functions; and
  • Adhere to internal policies and procedures.


Technical processes:


  • Assimilate/disseminate intelligence and information from/to the rest of the MCA making best use of internal knowledge-based resources;
  • Monitor progress of each critical phase of entrusted projects;
  • Ensure quality and timeliness of the project outputs and results;
  • Maintain all the relevant technical and financial documents; and
  • Prepare and submit the relevant management and financial reports.




  • Ensure proper communication and coordination between the different stakeholders taking part in assigned projects or on-going activities; and
  • Maintain a close working relationship with all Groups and the Management Team to facilitate a cohesive and integrated approach in the MCA’s operations and the ultimate fulfilment of the strategic objectives of the organisation.




  • Adopt a professional approach with third parties;
  • Effective information management;
  • Project leadership for the achievement of MCA’s objectives and strategies;
  • Quality of reports and papers produced;
  • Implementation of project and on-going activities; and
  • Adherence to applicable policies and procedures.


Qualifications / Skills Required:


  • Degree in engineering, science or IT with a telecommunications specialisation or equivalent.  Other qualifications considered an asset if relevant to the post;
  • Relevant experience in the telecommunications sector, preferably with an electronic communications network operator / service provider;
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and presentation skills;
  • Solid report writing skills to a standard suitable for published documents;
  • Excellent oral and written command of Maltese and English including letter and report writing;
  • Project management qualifications or proven track record;
  • Proficiency in the use of office automation tools; and
  • Ability to work without supervision.


Vacancy Status: 
Public Call
Vacancy Closing Date: 
Thursday 30th August 2018